Glitching samples tips

Hi OP-Z community !

Does anybody know how to achieve this type of glitched sample we can hear in the beginning of this video ?

From the creator, it’s all OP-Z, but I can’t figure out the source of the input (tape track, sample track, piano ?) and the method to glitch it (Delay ? step component ?).

It will be great to read some tips about it. Thanks !


I’d guess recording some notes on one of the synth tracks and then sending the track to the tape track and resequencing it on that to get the glitches.

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still trying to figure out myself how he did it.

I agree with others that tape repeat is definitely possible. Assuming this is a sample, I think I’m also hearing some Multiply step components and some variation in the sample start and end point (first parameter on parameter page 2).

If you parameter locked the start and end points you could use Parameter Spark components to make them happen less consistently which might give you that glitchy sound.

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Yeah this is totally a way to achieve this without the tape track. Nice.

It shows the power of the op-z that there are multiple routes to achieve outcomes.

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