Glow in the dark?

So reportedly there was an initial plan to have the op-z labeled with glow-in-the-dark paint, but that idea was scratched since it would wear off with time.

So I activated the backlit keys via config file which is nice, but now I really miss that feature that never came to be… I’d really like to see the labels for tracks and step components in the dark… browsing through offers of glow in the dark pens, paints etc suggests that they don’t really work that well… does anybody have any experience with that and can recommend a suitable product?

A standard hole punch makes circles the same size as the OP-Z’s buttons. I regularly punch out circles from washi tape and put them over the buttons. Washi tape doesn’t leave sticky residue but isn’t super durable, but you could use any kind of tape you want - including glow in the dark tape. You would have to draw the symbols over the glow in the dark tape, but that may be possible using a super-fine Sharpie.


Wish they put the step component shapes & other info on the buttons other than the numbers. But cest la vie

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Thanks for the hint, I didn’t know about washi tape… is there one you can recommend? Will the leds shine through?

What glow in the dark¿ Such a great idea!