Going back to old backed up tape?

Maybe this is obvious, maybe not, but I am wondering if it’s possible to grab pieces and loops from the tape that have been backed up and saved to the computer and getting them back onto the op-1 to work with them live and such.


you can open the aif-s on a computer and export 6/12s snippets to work with as OP1 samples. They’d map to your A key.

alternatively you can mix&match tape-1/2/3/4 track files if you wish. pretty sure if you don’t care about take boundaries, you could open one and copy-paste everything of interest (from other tracks) inside it, then place that file on the OP1, and go through the whole 6 minutes marking takes (overdubbing with no signal in).
it’s just time-consuming.

Any one have luck doing this with tape backup on op1.fun?

just name the audio on your computer track_1.aif (or 2,3,4) and drag and drop into the tape folder.

I often copy stuff directly to tape, it definitely works. Just mix down to mono, save as a 16-bit AIFF (track_x.aif), remember that the file name extension has to be .aif not .aiff, and most importantly, the file has to be exactly 6 minutes and 00.374 seconds long. At least in Audacity it’s easy to cut into the right length. IIRC you can use other lengths as well, but then the audio gets stretched? Or maybe not, it’s been a while since I tried that.