Going mad with OP-1 sample key

I have been trying to export some samples from ableton to the OP-1 and something really weird is happening.

If I put a middle C (C3) in the midi of a grand piano in ableton and I export it in .aiff, 16bit, when I play it in the OP-1 the C note will play a D# note.
I thought, ok, maybe it’s warping it and it’s changing key, so I changed the C note in ableton to be a A, and when it moves it 1.5 steps it will be a C…
Now the C note in op-1 plays as a C note for the given sample (which is technically imported as an A note…)

What on earth? Am I missing something?

ya thats how its always been, import synth samples as A

there is a parameter in the metadata of the .aiff that sets this
it defaults to A when there is none, like when u make your own samples externally and import them.

i believe if u sample directly into the OP1, it will set it to whatever key u press to initiate sampling.