Good OP-1 Keys Sounds?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering which synth engines people are using to get some really good keys sounds? I’m looking for some tame, rhodes and bell-like sounds. I’m thinking dsynth and FM may be the best? I find I’m pretty good at pads, bass and leads, but I’m having some trouble coming up with keys that are really usable. Would like to hear your thoughts!

try cluster too. and u can always use the synth sampler too! don't forget about that guy

string can get a lil crazy, but thats a good one too.

Digital can be fun as well with a gentle random LFO on the oscillator.

But FM is deep, my favourite :slight_smile:

@docshermsticks @LyingDalai Excellent, thanks a lot!! I will give all of these a try.

Dr wave can make some good electric-piano type sounds, too.

@beefinator awesome, thanks! I will check that out as well.

lol if u read this thread, it basically seems like any synth engine is good. which kinda abstract, i think is a good representation of the OP1 synth engines.

theres a whole lotta sounds in there. esp when u start messing w/ the LFO and FX and even resampling.