Good softaware for sampling/loop editing (must be OSX, possible freeware or cheap)


I got a Octatrack in july after reading a lot here about Elektron (all those swedish love <3), but It made me away from Operator-1 :confused: Amazing machine, but really DEEP, with a very steep curve. I´m missing the easy going flow of the OP-1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I´m having with the OT the same problem that I have with the OP-1: cutting/looping some samples without start/end clicks. I use Ableton Live, but although I really love it, I think it takes more time that it should be to just sample, cut it, loop and save with the necessary bitrate parameters for the OP-1 or the OT. Do you recommend a faster, simplier and more straightforward software for OSX (if ´t s possible, freeware or cheap) that I can use to sample with my audio interface, zoom, cut, paste and save the loop for further upload in the machines?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

audacity work for you?

Is loop enabled? Did you tell it to find the zero crossing when slicing? Or you can tweak the envelope attack or release very slightly depending on where the click occurs. If you hold [FUNC] and move the cursor in the audio editor it snaps to a zero-crossing, too, btw.

A little off topic from what you’re really looking for, but Live 8 & 9 has a live looper device, incase you weren’t aware. I haven’t encountered any loop clicks so far and it’s pretty straightforward to me, and since you use Live anyways I’d thought I’d just mention it. It’s definitely shoved my production process into more spontaneous, natural, and fun territory.

The reason, @Kites, is that Live automatically applies fades to loops/samples to prevent clicks/pops, whether you’re using the looper device or just dropping audio files to the Arrangement view.

Oh duh, I forgot about that wizardry. Then it sounds like aeoner might be having a latency issue? How about syncing lives tempo via midi?

pretty sure that @aeoner is looking to make samples for their Octatrack (and/or
OP-1) in a faster way than Ableton Live and I’m not convinced the problem is the OT tbh hehe.

have a look at beatcleaver…simple but effective for slicing and chopping loops…


Hello people!

Just come back here to thank all you folks for the help. I´m more secure now with the OT and everything is working fine - although I fell in love with the OP-1 again and producing right now a lot there.

Thanks again, this forum is amazing! :slight_smile:

For building very simply sample chain, I found Ableton is the most straightforward.

Like :
select in the Finder the 16/32/64 tiny samples of kick/snare/flute/whatever
paste it in the linear window on a WAV track => each sample is pasted on the grid
export as wav/aiff

then in OT you choose slice grid and it’s done !

Bonus : my favorite source for samples is

deleted Octachainer post, since it’s Windows-only, derp.