Got OP-1 just delivered and...

The old capital that is steeped in history known as Kamakura. Perfect therapy after yesterday Disney Land craziness!

How about you pal?

PS. I’ve brought my Op-1 with me.

I’m not in Japan but was going to be going there later this year.

Thought you were living there so was going to ask you guys tips on where to be buying synths and gadgets over there :wink:

We’ve ended up changing our travel plans and doing Bangkok instead.
With regards to this weeks events over there I hope we don’t end up regretting changing our plans.

I’m in Nagoya at the moment but back to the UK (Chester) on the 31st

Regarding dead OP-1: try charging it at least 24hrs using a USB charger (even if the charge LEDs don't light up). After that unplug it first and then turn it on.

No, I’m not going to bother. Even If the OP would come back to life, the battery is in sleep mode.