GR-1 Granular Synthesizer

Hey there everyone - Wondering what thoughts are out there about the new Tasty Chips granular synth GR-1… They’re supposed to start a Kickstarter in the next few weeks. Early backer price is high at €749. Aside from the price and crowd-funding (which are delicate subjects, I know), what do you fine folks think of the tech and possible applications?!

Looks pretty cool.

That’s a fair chunk of money though and there’s some apps that do Granular VERY well that are available for a few quid.

I wish they’d do a hardware Malstrom. Loved that synth in Reason.

Do you have an iPad? Get borderlands. $10 and will get you 100% there.

Got Borderlands, cool app. But I hate using ipad for music so never really use it.

I need to get Borderlands ASAP (I just watched this -

Been digging Idensity for granular a LOT since I grabbed it couple weeks ago. Agreed that for granular and sampling etc, ipad is incredible. So many forward thinking options in terms of creative functionality (and cheap…) for a lot of things.

The physical UI is often not quite as nice to use as dedicated hardware but the results are next level and my GAS for anything sampler/sequencer/granular/digital fx is pretty much dead right now :slight_smile: Having Op1 and Organelle around to use in combo with ipad for quick hands on sequencing, resampling and fx is a power house :slight_smile:

Say if I pick up an used IPad2 would I be able to run this and similar apps? And is there a cheaper option for midi than the IConnectivity thingy?

Seems intriguing the way you describe it Callofthevoid.

@jack_hightower I had an ipad mini 2 that worked ‘ok’ but after getting Beatmaker 3 I upgraded to the 2017 9.7" with 128gb. Think I paid £350 when Very catalogue had a deal for £50 off Apple. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time! Can run a ton more apps simultaneously and prefer the bigger screen (Beatmaker 3 and AUv3 apps makes simultaneous apps WAAAAY less painful than my previous experiences were with ipad. AUv3 apps are basically the same as VST plugins…Integrate with each other really well).

Had a Roland interface (think its the duo capture ex) laying around that handles midi/audio and takes batteries. Think I got that off ebay for about £60 a few years back. And I use a little usb>5pin midi M-audio cable that runs from Op1>interface.
So can run op1>ipad for midi and also use the interface for sampling. And all portable velcro’d on a pedalboard about the same size as my Octatrack :wink: Organelle is mostly rigged up to my studio setup at moment but gonna grab a battery for it ASAP and then it’ll be a permanent fixture on the pedal board rig…

@Callofthevoid thanks for the info. always ignored ipad for some reason but your set up really semms like fun.

@jack_hightower yeah same here, hated using ipad for anything other than sample fodder for ot/op1. Rapidly changing that opinion atm tho…

If you’ve got Ableton Live and M4L then there’s the newly released IOTA

Granulator II is also decent

You can map parameters to a midi controller for the same kind of feel as the Tasty device.