Great Customer Service

Obviously most people here like the Teenage Engineering products but I just wanted to share a quick customer service response from them that I thought was top nothc. I ordered the PO-10 superset over Christmas. When I received everything I tried syncing the operators with the mini cables but noticed that I would just hear the click or barely an audio coming out if all of them were synced. If I synced (2) of them then it worked fine. I figured out that (2) out of the (3) mini-cables were not working correcty. I emailed TE and they responded back with some things to try to make sure that I had them synced properly. I verified that I did and they asked that I send a video so that they could see what was happening. I did this also. As I was doing this I realized that the pro-case for the sub operator looked exactly like the pro-case for the rhythm. I had not really noticed it before because I was so excited to use them and was just having so much fun plus the symbols on the buttons didn’t mean anything to me no matter what case was on there. So I took a picture and sent it to them. They responded asking me to fill out a Return Merchandise Authorization form and they would ask me to send the items back, they would inspect, and if faulty send me new items. This sounded good except for the shipping cost. I emailed to TE stating that I thought they should pick up the shipping since I received faulty items and an incorrect item. They responded this morning saying that they would just send the new items and that they had placed an order for me of these items. Sure enought the new order receipt showed up in the mail box. Now these are fairly low cost items, but to me TE showed a dedication to their customers to make things right.

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such a great story!

Even though I’ve had a lot of problems with some of my devices, TE has always been there for me to help me fix them, and I think that’s probably the number one reason I stick with them. I would say Native Instruments is the worst, and Korg is second in my opinion. Elektron attempted to help me with my encoder issue, but it still has problems on my Octatrack MKII. Anytime I need a part or help with something, TE is right there with their customer service, and they don’t overprice their parts like other companies. For example, I dented the metal cover on my Maschine Studio 10 years ago, and Native Instruments wanted more money than what the device is worth to get a new metal cover. With TE, It’s a love-hate relationship with the company, but they excel in service.