Great lowbudget laptop/synth stand!

this is great! could fit perfectly for op-1, microbrute, laptop etc.


hahaha! that is great!

I’ve been using one of these IKEA laptop stands for my MiniBrute. Fits perfectly!

ok, this is even cheaper than a pizze! :slight_smile:


That’s really funny, and a fun marketing move.

I’m with @mrclean - the IKEA Brada is probably the best you can get for the money and probably cheaper than a pizza! :wink:

It’s a perfect size and angle as well as being sturdy (enough).

I have three of the things. Maschine sits on one and the other two are used when putting together temp setups for jams to keep everything together and at a comfortable angle.

There was someone on eBay a while back selling these things for about £15 each and was obviously selling a lot of them to people who had no idea they were ikea things!
Kinda genius if you ask me!