green and gray cases discontinued?

only black color on the teenage store. anyone know if the gray case is available somewhere? couldn’t find any online in my neck of the internet…

WTS rare grey Unit Portables OP-1 case. $500, will ship worldwide >.>

Got mine @ , but now it looks like they're out.

B&H Photo Video says the grey case is discontinued on their site. Unit Portables doesn’t show the grey one on their site for the “11” either.

these guys in Germany claim to have a grey one in stock:

And ACGear in the US:

Got my gray ghost from but they’re sold out too!

Ever been @krism? It’s off of Fairfax

I don’t live in New York, so no @Kites

Ah I figured, but they do have a shop in the East Village too :wink:

I don’t live in New York the state lol…

Oh wait haha neither New York nor LA? Fairfax is in LA hAha

oh. I looked up that turntable lab place and it’s in NY lol.

But no, neither.

NY and LA :wink: