Green CH light not working when checking battery

I was playing around with my new OP-Z yesterday and noticed this morning that the green CH LED is not illuminating when checking the battery. The light works fine otherwise (trigs, etc.)

On a full charge all the green LEDs will turn on except for that one. I tried a reset and firmware update just to be sure but that didn’t fix it.

Is this a hardware issue? Anything else I can try?

That’s how it is supposed to be :slight_smile:

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Crazy! I could have sworn they were all lighting up previously, I guess not.


I believe they are all suppose to light up… If I am understanding you correctly? I am charging mine right now to test it.

When I depress the screen button to see the charge status, I get all of the track LEDs lit up green.

Yeah, I think you’re right. The manual says 16 lights will illuminate to show charge level. At max charge I’m only seeing 15 lit (the LED below CH is dark).

Looks like a hardware problem unfortunately.

This is unfortunate… Yeah I would guess a hardware issue… It is weird that it lights up for other functions? If you cant live with the defect maybe you can get TE to replace it. If it were me, I would want a replacement, having paid good money for the unit it should function properly… Good luck!

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I actually purchased an OP-Z a few years ago and had both the double-trigger and bowed-case issues so I returned it.

I picked up another one recently thinking that TE may have ironed out the issues, but it looks like bugs remain! Thanks for the help.

Ah ithought you meant the track button. Ch is green indeed.

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