Green knob loose on the UI board and operating inconsistently

It looks like I may have banged the green knob at some point, and it feels “loose” on the UI board (the potentiometer itself is loose, not the plastic part).

Has anyone ever dealt with repairing something like this? I’m thinking I could just re solder it to the UI board, but I don’t know if the connections are simple to resolder. Is it better for me to just buy a brand new UI board?

It is definitely worth trying to resolder, if you have experience soldering. You might need to do some creative repair work if you broke the trace pad off of the board. But an exacto knife to scrape up some fresh trace and some short wire would fix that. Post pics and people here will be able to give you some more advice once you get it uncovered.

I checked the encoder - all 5 soldering joints seem fine, the encoder just seems to come off the UI board on the bottom. I can’t imagine why this would be happening, since all operation seems to come from those 5 terminals.

the mechanics of the encoder could be bent up. is it like the whole body of the encoder that wobbles, or just the shaft?

also, bad solder joints/pcb traces can be hard to tell apart from good ones, so it might only look fine.
look closely for any signs that the solder has broken up from the pcb trace, or that the trace itself has been lifted/broken off the board.