Grumpysnorlax - Nurse Joy Beattape made entirely on the OP1!

Im back again! Ive put together another full beattape (you can click here or use the link down below) using my favorite little synthesizer, Im heavily influenced by the LoFi movement and many beatmakers from the past but mainly Madlib. Its a very mellow, sad almost melancholy arrangement of emotional tunes that I created in my fathers last few months of life and is dedicated to him and also to shine light on those who are taking care of loved ones going through chemo. He passed away from brain cancer in september and it was really rough for me as young as I am (22 years old) to have to witness what chemotherapy does to someone’s spirit,body and mind but my father is the reason I dove into creating music and hes the one who told me to take the plunge and buy an OP1! Let me know what you think of it and any criticism is welcome! Every track was mixed down to the “album” and then brought into ableton to make sure it was at 0db NO OUTSIDE FX/MASTERING

Always inspiring bro!! this is snarky d on ig

I’m gonna try that workflow, sounds awesome! My condolences for your loss, i lost my dad at 16. It’s hard, but he was proud of you and you just gotta keep channeling his vibrations through your music and your memories.

This is cool music, especially when made through such trying times. I dig the lo-fi vibes coming through. Really sorry for your loss and keep doing what you do, its great.

this is great Grumps - the beat on the second one knocks harrrd.

Sorry to hear about your Dad passing away, that’s terrible! Glad that you could outlet some of that emotion into music, and I hope it has helped you in the healing process

@ThatsTooOP3 yeah its rough im still going through the process but hes given me the knowledge to pursue my goals and to live on! thankyou so much for your support man it means alot!

@wolflegjon Thats what started it all really, i was just making music to show my dad and decided to release i wasnt planning on it honestly because of the circumstances but it seems to resonate with people so im glad i have the support of these great communities!

@millbastard thankyou so much man! seeing all these people support it has truly helped alot hed be over the moon to see all the support ive gotten