Guitar Direct Into OP1 Field

Hey, trying to go straight from Guitar into the op1 direct in and wondering what adapter I need. I bought a 1/4” to stereo 3.5mm adapter but I’m only hearing my guitar on the left side. Do I need a 1/4” to mono 3.5mm adapter? I don’t really care about quality so not looking to use any other gear/amp/pedal

Guitars are mono instruments, guitar cables typically don’t carry a stereo signal for this reason.

You could run into a stereo pedal, use an a/b/y switch in y mode or use a headphone amp.

Really don’t want to add anything extra to the set-up. I dont care about quality it’s literally just so im able to hear what im doing down the centre rather than panned L or R. Would a TS 3.5mm cable like this not work?

No, that’s a mono cable passing a mono signal. You need to create a stereo signal with a stereo pedal or duplicate your mono signal on both sides of the stereo field with something like an a/b/y switcher.

So in this vid - OP1 Tutorial: How to use your guitar or bass with the OP1 - YouTube

He uses the adapter I bought with seemingly no issue. Albeit it’s with op1 and not OP1f but does the op1 only accept stereo input?

One of the main features of the OP-1f is how it’s stereo throughout the chain, while the OG-1 is not. So that’s why you’re running into this issue.

Stereo vs. Mono. Main upgrade from og to field is stereo.

gotcha gotcha - thanks!

some 1/4" TS (mono) to 3.5mm TRS (stereo) cables have the mono signal connected to both tip and ring on hte TRS side. but some do not and they dont really tell u if they do or not.

u could also look into a splitter adapter that will do this as well
that splits the L & R and connects the L to both the tip and ring on one side of the splitter and the same for hte R on the other side of the splitter
so like L & R to LL & RR

or some 1/4" mono male to 3.5mm stereo female adapters will connect the mono signal to both the tip and ring on the stereo side as well

u can def do this w/ the right cable and // or adapter plug

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I know you didn’t want to add anything, but I’m gonna throw this out there: Mustang™ Micro | Guitar Amplifiers


I also recommend the Mustang micro.

Could you not just… pan the channel in the mixer?

i thought this too
but i think that when u are on other screens besides the tape or mixer
that the pan defaults back to center if im not mistaken?
so this would only sorta work if that was the case

I just tried it and it sounds terrible. I used a mono 3.5mm to mono 1/4in cable, and it worked, but as expected the impedance mismatch gives a weak signal.

The Field has plenty of gain, but can’t make up for the thinness.

Yeah, gotta double up that signal. Mono doubled to stereo.