Guitars and OP-1

Ok guys, I’m really in the mood to work with guitar more at the moment for a more organic and live feel, but that usually means getting out Protools.
I’m enjoying the privacy and portability of op-1. So I wondered what advice you guys have about whether I can use a DI to record my guitar into the OP-1 via the line in? would I be doing it as samples, or can I record straight to tape? Are there tricks that make this work better?

Obviously I can put a mic to the guitar amp, but I’m wondering if that can be avoided…use a direct line in - I’m tired of having everyone in the house hear what I Do, I want privacy!

And having not experimented with samples yet, is there a limit to how long they can be? Ideally I’d want a 4-8 bar verse/chorus section recorded. To then loop and rearrange?

Am I talking out my ass? Is this stupidly simple, or totally impossibl?


I just bought one of these on eBay to do a similar thing with my gotharman LD.

It cost me $48 Here in Australia. It hasn’t arrived yet so I dunno how it will go. It appears to be a direct rip of the Sansamp (which I’ve had some experience with and is decent enough I guess). I’m not expecting great things, but I dunno, seems like it could do the job. I plan the mangle the samples a fair bit.

Hope that helps as an option :slight_smile:

The sampler limitations in the OP-1 are 12 seconds for drum samples (which can be split in sections across the keys), or 6 seconds for the synth sampler (which adjusts the pitch of the samples across the keys). If you so desired, you could lower the tape speed all the way and record more than twelve seconds to tape at a lower quality and lift then drop this into the drum sampler. The lowered quality will be apparent, but this might fall in line with the more organic feeling you are after.

USe the tape and loop and cut parts then sample part you like into the drum sampler cut where you want and remix…

Thanks guys, yeah I read again about the sampler, just wasn’t sure if I was missing something about recording direct to tape from line in, guess not. That’s ok, I can use the ipad as intermediary I guess! Thanks for the advice.


I just bought one of these on eBay to do a similar thing with my gotharman LD.

Wow that gotharman is a special piece of gear! Lot mot than $48 lol!

Yeah, I got a pretty good deal on it though. $600 or so. It’s not an LD2, but an earlier one. But yeah, it’s an incredible box.

As far as connecting my guitar up with a sampler (minus using an amp and mic) I think the behringer will do fine. I will elaborate more if you would like when I get it, which should be tomorrow.

I’ve been messing around with recording my Taylor into the OP-1 the last day or so, straight from my pedal board usually. Seems to work fine just recording to tape then lifting what I need, though having everything recorded in mono kills those beautiful Strymon delays :frowning:

I’ve also been experimenting with guitar recording to tape. I’ve tried going straight from a couple of pedals, but best results I’ve found has been either going straight from a very old Korg Pandora PX1 battery powered multiFX unit, or via the output of my DJmixer. You can prob get an old Pandora FX for peanuts on eBay or a similar basic guitar multiFX like the zoom ones.

Yeah I’m sure I’ve got something that’ll do the job, I have my DI at the very least.

I’ve used the amplitude app on my ipad with the irig 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. The adapter has an out on it so you can send the output to the op-1 and record to tape. I usually monitor through the op-1 and use the metronome if needed and kabam! Live bass.

Haha! Nice! Yeah there’s a great video on YouTube of someone sampling some guitar and using that as their main sound, not a single note, but an arpeggio or something which had a lovely effect.

I find myself wondering if I can get the op-1 to resample itself through one of my guitar pedals, a bit of Big Muff or Memory Boy!

So I bought myself a electric ukulele and it works just fine for me to record directly to opt. I bought a mono Adaptercable, Jack Female > Mini Jack Male! That should to the trick!

Just do it! I have run my memory man and old mxr phase 100 right into the op. Takes a bit of the warm ness off but…a lot of guys in the 70’s ran their guitars thru effects right into the board as well. This is a weird extra step but sometimes I will run my guitar into an effect, out of the pedal into an old box and into the op. The box has tone controls and sometimes I even record to the cassette in the box and play it back into the op. Generally, I don’t have that much free time tho !

Haha yeah, there’s a reason I still hVe my old tascam cassette four track, it makes everything sound nicer!

The hardest thing to do with sampling is holding the record button down as you play your guitar. So like others have said, you really have to use the tape to record the guitar, then select/cut/paste the section you want to the sampler.

The only thing holding you back with recording direct is making sure you’ve got the impedance lined up and that Behringer thing should handle it just fine. I record with my guitar plugged either into a Pigtronic Keymaster, or into my Mackie mixer. I have a cable with 1/4" on one side and 1/8" on the other, and it works great.