Guys please help me with uploading samples onto my OP-1

So I’ve been doing a lot of digging and I found this helpful video: … the problem is I have a windows PC and I do not know how to load these on in AIFF format. Can you guys let me know how you Windows PC’ers get samples onto your OP-1?

If you follow the video instructions to about 0:23 then in your windows computer, the op-1 should show up like a usb drive. From there you can drag files into your op-1. is a great site with a ton of samples already to drop into your op-1. They have their own drum utility you can try.

You can find the op-1 drum utility here

If you need a good open source (free) tool to convert your audio samples into the aiff format audacity is there for you.

THANK YOU! I could not find a good program for changing to AIFF. I will be getting Audacity ASAP. Happy Thanks Giving!