Hack FREKVENS 30x20 Speaker+Subwoofer's electronics?

Hi, everyone–

I’ve got a FREKVENS 30x20 speaker+subwoofer. It’s awesome, but there is one annoyance that I’d like to fix.

The subwoofer portion turns off after a timeout period if there is no audio playing. I’d like it to turn off after the timeout only if it’s running on battery, not if it’s running on AC power. I figure a firmware update could accomplish this, but maybe it could be hacked.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any tips. Maybe TE has a firmware update that can solve this?

(Re: the FREKVENS software volume control not working–I figured out that this breaks when the Windows 10 Media Controls for Sound/Volume Flyout (mach2.exe) or Volume OSD is controlling the volume.)