Hair under screen. HELP!

Alright guys I’ve just noticed a very small little eye lash hair under the screen! God knows how it got there but its there! Although not obtrusive Its really bugging me. Does anyone have an experience or tips of how to get underneath the screen to clean it?

Hello mate!

You can find instructions here:

I recently changed the DSP board on my recently departed OP-1. It was easy enough. I bought the Philips screw driver recommended and used resources at home like tweezers instead of a spudger tool. It took 20minutes to put it back together.

Good luck!

Cheers mate. The only thing that worries me is the keys…specifically the tabs underneath. I had a nightmare getting macbook pro keys back on after removing them. Is it tricky?

No probs! Putting them back on is easier. I was scared when I popped off the first one but after about five I was like ahhhh I get it! It’s really easy, thankfully. Definitely work out exactly what comes off and which way up it goes. Lay all the keys and bits in the exact way they are placed on the OP-1 immediately next to where the OP-1 is. Organization is key to reassembly.
I’m sure you’ll be fine! Let us know how you get on!

key removal,

Maybe try to blow it out with compressed air first?