Half of the op1s keys stopped working

Hey everybody, long-time reader first time poster

I have had my op1 for about a month now, and yesterday afternoon, a few hours before what was supposed to be my op1s live debut the unit stopped working suddenly and for no reason.

All the keys in the left side of the unit, including most of the menus and even the lowest half octave of the musical keys don’t work anymore.
Since this looks more like a firmware problem (the unit was fine and has never been damaged by any means) I started by doing a factory reset and also reinstalling the latest firmware (225, the one that came with my machine). Everything to no avail.

I did the troubleshooting tests (pressing com before turning on the unit) and I could tell in the keyboard test that that half of the keys was not detected. I couldn’t move to the next screen (for that I would need to enter shift+4, with the shift key being on the non-responding side) so I couldn’t perform the other tests.

While I have warranty and could send it back to Thomann (where I bought it) for free, I thought I would check with you guys to see if anyone else has encountered this before. I was thinking that maybe installing a different/older firmware could maybe help, but I couldn’t find older firmwares on the teenage engineering website.

Also, not sure if this could be somehow related, the last synth I played before the total crash was DNA, which, while absolutely mind blowing had crashed my op1 before (just usual screen glitch and being fine after restarting).

Thanks so much in advance


See here a pic of my keyboard test, all the ones in red don’t work…

Backup your data and get the free warranty replacement. Keys going out is an issue, and personally has happened to both of my OP-1 :frowning:

I’ve had this problem with the right side of the keyboard, affecting the upper octave and all the keys above those. It’s got something to do with the high ‘E’ key. If I press that key sometimes it causes the problem. I fix it the same way, pressing the key repeatedly fixes it eventually. (To make sure I’ve got it right, I hold down another note, when that note sustains successfully I know it’s good.)

It doesn’t look like your image uploaded successfully. If you can get one uploaded, I’d be interested in seeing it. In the mean time, maybe try poking different keys repeatedly and see if you get any response.


finally I managed... was not easy to upload a pic on this forum!

Why does the lower half of my keyboard not trigger? - Teenage Engineering OP-1 - iFixit

someone seems to have the same problem here… and apparently it is a hardware issue.
Still unbelievable that this happens in a one month old device though :frowning:

Hm, so shot in the dark, but I’m guessing that if you’re having the same problem I am, the key you’ll want to mess with is either the middle C or the C#. If pressing that repeatedly doesn’t help, I am out of ideas. As of now, my guess is when the fault presents, it’s running from bottom to top, right to left, in chunks. Or something like that.

I’m not super confident this is going to help, but probably worth a try. If you don’t have any luck, I’d look into getting TE to fix it. If it’s intermittent like mine, you might want to get it fixed anyway. I can’t stand to be away from my OP-1 for that long tho, so I put up with it.

two connectors, as expected (p.s. on the brown ribbon cable it says “if you can read this your warranty is gone, sorry”)

I tried pressing the keys many times but it didn’t help. I will send it to repair since it’s still in warranty period. Hope it doesn’t take ages to fix … anyone have experience with sending it to Thomann for repair?

anyone have experience with sending it to Thomann for repair?

Not personally, but IIRC you can do it in the customer centre (“Kundencenter”). You need to be on the desktop version of the website, the mobile version doesn’t work. Just click on the order and then the item. There should now be a button “Return Product” (“zurücksenden”). Go through the process and choose “warranty claim” (“Garantiefall”) and add a detailed description of the defect. Thomann will probably send you a return label.

I’d also record a video showing the defect (the keyboard test) for any circumstances.

Thanks! I have a problem on my Thomann account regarding customer numbers and cannot do it through their automated system unfortunately, but sent and email to them and hope they reply fast enough :slight_smile:

Having the issue with the high E “blocking” the upper half of the keyboard as well, did anybody manage to solve it in the long term aka not by massaging it 5min on every startup?

I have the exact same Issue with the high E and i feel like it occurs more and more often,
like every time i´m booting the device.
Has anyone been able to resolve this issue, from what i read it`s hardware based?!
thanks so much in advance, great community dis is