Half price OP1/OPZ soundpack this week

Operator202 is half price this week, until 25th September.

Just £4.49 for over 700 samples consisting of 3 Drum Kits each containing 24 samples, 25 Tone kits each 24 samples, one for each note, 47 Synth samples, specially formatted for OP-1 and OP-Z

Meticulously crafted and sampled from my Roland MC-202, these are excellent and new sounds ideal for idm, synthwave, deep house, acid and techno.

Get it here



I look forward to playing with this on my Canada trip next week, just snagged this. thanks for the share!

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Enjoy! And have a great trip :slight_smile:

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Friendly bump - last day today to grab some half price multi-sampled MC-202 goodness :slight_smile: Less than a penny per sample!

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If you have a Nord modular I’d love to get some samples from that too. :slight_smile:


There’s some really fun stuff in here, worth checking out for sure!!!

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