WHERE IS THE UNDO BUTTON?!?! Haha jk. Yeah, i am a noob though. My problem is that whenever I sample anything using the synth sampler, i can never use the full sample. There is a small section of audio at the begging of the sample that is always grayed out, no matter what i try. The encoders will only adjust my playback start point to a certain point. This is happening whether i sample from the input jack, radio, or even lifting track sections from the tape and dropping them into the sampler. I am thinking about doing a factory reset, but maybe i am just missing something stupid?

there is no undo! what’s your LFO screen showing?

Honestly, I’m not in front of the unit now but I’m like 96.8% sure the LFO is OFF. This visual might help me explain the issue. IMG_0103

It may only seem like a little bit of audio is cutoff, but depending on your sample, that extra second is CRUCIAL (like say, when you are lifting multiple tracks in a loop and dropping it into the sampler).

leftover Crank could do that to your sample :slight_smile:

What does that mean and how do you go about fixing it?

leftover Crank could do that to your sample :)

Use the shif button