Hans - animated Shortfilm

I released a new short film thats suits to the autumn weather outside. The Soundtrack is made on the OP-1. Have fun watching.


The link doesn’t work. I love animation and am looking forward to checking this out!

@ScotSolida the link should work now.

Excellent work! I’d love to know how you did it. I’ve only dabbled in animation, but I’ve longed to get deeper into it. I’ve been drawing and painting for over four decades, but only started trying to bring those drawings to life with animation in the past few years. I’ve been using both Anime Studio (now Moho) and Toon Boom Harmony for 2D and Dragonframe for stop motion. It’s a lovely medium to work in - it has taught me to be a lot more patient!

thanks a lot @ScotSolida. It was animated frame by frame in TVPaint, a pixelbased software, a bit different then Toon Boom wich is vectorbased. Afterwards it was composed in Adobe After Effects.
The film was made as a attempt to play around with a character that was not created by me. No script. Just the animation driven by the character.

Nicely done. I’ve checked out TVPaint in the past - it appeals to me as someone who likes a “hands-on” approach.

Fantastic! Loved this.

Thanks @5StarNomad

Maybe I’m stupid, but why was the creature crying?

@ghostly606 i think he fears the coming winter.