Has anyone been able to get the clock Sync IN to work

is there one who can verify that the po/ clock in sync for the oplab module for opz works so fari dont know anyone that has gotten it to sync bo yourube videos no nothing how is teenage engineering able to market this its a total ripoff

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Can’t speak for the PO out (! not in) but the trig out/trig in works perfectly fine for me.
Also keep in mind that trig in/out work differently than a simple clock sync. You have to setup your op-z-tracks and/or external gear correctly, but if you do so it’s much more versatile than a simple clock sync.

Are you sure you followed the manual for the PO connection?
Did you try to follow this video?

oh yes i agree i watched this video no trouble if use the opz as the master clock …my problem im talking about is i cant get it to work if u wanted to use the pocket operator as the master ive switched the oplab in to po and theres no suncing has anyone successfully been able to sync the tempo of an opz to thay of a pocket operator woth the pocket operstot as a master there is no videos on youtube and everyone ive spoken to cant do it

But the input section can only be switched to midi or trig. Only the output section can be switched to PO as a third option. So I’m pretty sure sync in from POs as master was never meant to be a thing.

The clock in on the OPlab module works very well for me but I use it with a clock or triggers from a modular system to clock tracks on the OP. The nice thing is that one can get two clocks to drive the OP-Z. One clock from the modular that is routed to selected tracks and one internal clock for tracks that are configured to be clocked by the internal clock. Nice, if one wants to play sequences that are not in sync.

As for using a PO as a master clock, maybe the clock signal from the PO is a bit weak to trigger modular equipment or the OPlab module? I would try to sync the PO with the OP-Z as master clock. This is more flexible anyhow, as one does not have to configure tracks on the OP-Z to be externally clocked ([shift + track] + 0) and one could still change the track speeds on the OP-Z ([shift+track] + 2, etc.).

This is the thing which makes me consider selling my OP-Z.
It is a total narcissist, and refuses to be the slave, which makes it incompatible with a whole host of configurations.
It works when I use the LFO from my Koma field kit, and Ghoder has said that it works with his modular. I can only think that it needs a certain amount of voltage to trigger, and most gear doesn’t give it enough. Surely this is a simple fix!
If anyone can shed light on this, it would be helping a lot of people out.
Please note this is a SYNC IN issue, not a sync out one.

Note that the oplab‘s trig in can’t be compared to a classic (clock) sync in.
You have to arm each track that you want to react to the trig in signal by setting its length multiplier to „0“ (on each track, hold track and shift and press zero).
The sequences of those armed tracks will now proceed a step with every external trig in signal.

It’s ok dude. I do know this.
Like I say, it works fine with my field kit, which gives a very strong signal, but not with any other piece of gear I have.

Can you say what devices do not work, it could be helpful for others.

if the signal isn’t strong enough u just need a simple amplifier
to increase the voltage to the level it needs to be.

the field kit manual says LFO range is 0 - 6.5 volts
so if that works then maybe the threshold is around there?

maybe the threshold is 5v
some devices will say 5v but the actual voltage is more like 4.8 or 4.9

same thing for power supplies. says 5v but actually outputs like 4.9
if your power supply is feeding under 5v your never gunna get a full 5v from the CV

maybe that is juuuuust enough under to not trigger

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Yes, the trig in signal needs to be 5-10V. Nothing will happen below that.

I’m away right now, but I’ll do some experiments when I get home. I would be good to find out what that threshold voltage is.
A little context…
At the minute, I’m trying to get the OP-Z to work with Ableton Link, so that I can use Borderlands Granular Synth with it. With Link, I don’t think it’s possible to have the OP-Z as master, so it’s necessary to have clock coming to the Z from a phone or tablet.

To work around the problem with incoming clock, I downloaded MIDI Sync Link and choose the OP-Z as MIDI source, but that didn’t seem to work either.

Has anyone found a way to use the Z in a dawless Link set-up?

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Ha ha
I realise this seems very dumb… apologies for that… but I mean with Ableton Link, without running Ableton.
I should point out that I’ve been using my OP-Z for almost two years now, and I do love the thing… just trying to get it to sync with apps.

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yes. like this: