Has anyone got Xfer's OP-1 Drum Utility working on macOS Catalina?


Has anyone got Xfer’s OP-1 Drum Utility working on macOS Catalina? I’ve tried all sorts of contortions but can’t get it working.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

i dont have Catalina but are u using the 64bit version?

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I’m not sure if that is working yet, but you can also use the online drum utility tool (it’s the same thing) on op1.fun FYI

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Yes, I’m using the 64-bit version but macOS throws up the warning thinking it is malware. :frowning: Thanks.

Oh! Thanks. I didn’t know about that. :slight_smile:

isn’t that just a setting that u can change in the system preferences?

i think under security or privacy

Yea, just create an account and then it will let you create your own patches for yourself or to share.

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For a long time w/ MacOS Gatekeeper, indie or FOSS devs have had to deal with their builds not being signed (notarization is the new pain point).

To bypass:

Right click (or hold control and click) and choose “Open” then at the next warning dialog, click “Open”.

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Thanks, but that ain’t working. The icon for the application is showing crossed out (see the attached image) and when I right click and do Open I just get a message saying the application needs updating. Sigh. Looks like I’ll have to use a Windows machine or the OP1.fun drum tool for now.

Oh yeah, 32 bit apps don’t run anymore. The developer needs to recompile as a 64 bit app.

from the website:

v 1.02 adds 64-bit support for the VST/Audiounit resource inside the .app (the host is still 32-bit)

So the containing app that hosts the VST/AU for stand-alone use, is still 32 bit.

Try using it as a plugin for a VST/AU compatible DAW.