Has anyone had any luck returning and replacing a faulty unit?

I’m on 1.2.5 yet I can’t enter sampling mode. I’ve factory reset + upgraded 5 times across three computers, and while the OPZ correctly displays the new version number in the app (and when I check manually in Upgrade Mode), no new functionality is added.

Has anyone else had this issue?

edit: I just confirmed that other 1.2.5-specific features work. I can toggle headset input by hitting SCREEN + SHIFT, restart Arpeggio with TRACK + PLAY, etc. The only thing I can’t do is enter Sampling mode.

Can you describe the process you are using to enter sample mode? The sequence of button presses etc.?

Starting at the beginning: open a project and go to the bass track. Hold the track button and identify a free pack slot (an unlit numbered key). Hold track and hold down one of the free slots. The sequencer LEDs should light from left to right, creating the new sample slot. Does this work for you?