Headphone Jack Issue - No sound in right ear

Hi, bought my OP-1 a couple of days ago. Brand new but when I plug headphones in, sound is only coming from the left channel. I’ve performed a factory reset even though it was brand new and not been touched. Am I doing something wrong or does this sound like a broken jack? Concerned because I might need to send it back to the retailer for repair. Not a great introduction to my OP-1 experience! Hopefully it’s something I’m not doing or need to tweak something. Hope you can help me out!

That is a common issue with the I/O board. My guess, based on my own experience, is that some headset plugs have a geometry that forces the spring loaded contact inside the audio connector beyond some limit, causing a deformation that breaks the electrical connection. That happens because the connector used by TE is a PoS and they never took the time to design a better I/O board, just charge more for the OP-1.

Yes, it seems that from the comments I’ve read on here and elsewhere that this is a common issue. I have sent it back to the retailer for them to repair. Wow, it really is a PoS. Completely understandable given the price and everything. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully this will fix it and if not I’ll get my money back and I dunno maybe buy a second hand car or go to The Maldives on holiday or something with it. :upside_down_face:

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guess its too late now
but did u check the panning on the tape tracks?
or the left and right volume on the master screen?
check another pair of headphones or cables as well ya never know

the connector board is a common point of failure
but it might have just been something silly

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I have initiated a return with the retailer, but I might try and fiddle with the panning. Although I doubt this is the problem though as the retailer seemed to know what to do in regards to fixing the issue. Basically soldering the connections. Great to know, but shame this wasn’t done at the factory. Also concerned about the quality control on these products if it is a fault.
I did a factory reset (twice) and any panning issues should default back to normal right? Also checked various 3.5mm cables and headphones. Still no joy. Annoying to say the least. Hopefully it’ll get fixed and I can jump back in again.