Heads up Korg SQ1 on ebay UK £89

In case anyone was interested


Wow, it’s allready out? That’s great.

I’m curious how syncing my electribe and minrute would be in contrast with 5pin din midi. The minibrute has no sync i/o 3.5mm ports, so this may be the key sequemcer.

They are on music store sites for £79 (Absolute Music for one).

^ Ha, yeah spotted that after I ordered 2, nevermind still a bargain!

Apparently the SQ 1 doesn’t send midi clock out which is a shame.

I wonder when it’ll hit the US. Got my 2 Monotribes and the right cv/gate cables ready to roll.

Apparently the SQ 1 doesn't send midi clock out which is a shame.

Could be because the way the clocking works, 8 steps interpolated internally to 16, modded Monotribes send midi clock but at 16th notes the tempo is halved, maybe they thought that would confuse/irritate people?

Nice one, ordered mine whilst on break!
Mr 202 is getting a playmate…

I wonder when it'll hit the US. Got my 2 Monotribes and the right cv/gate cables ready to roll.

just got one at sweetwater

It does send midi clock BTW, I tested it with my midi’d monotribe.

@darenager how do you like it as a controller for the tribe? you ahve got me very tempted!

Got my SQ-1 Monday, had an unexpected windfall and went ahead and ordered the MS20 M kit so got a 2nd SQ-1 for nowt! Arrived yesterday so going to try and build it this week coming and have some double sequencer fun with that patch bay!
Good stuff!

Update- Built the beast! It was good fun putting an MS20 m together, and afterwards I molested it with 2 SQ-1s! Had an original back in the day and now I can play around again, there’s nothing like a 909 through that bastard! Also just incase anyone is wondering, the kit comes with all the tools you need apart from a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver…