Hearing the microphone when monitoring/recording external gear

Hi all,

Is it normal to be able to hear the microphone (slightly) when something is plugged into the audio input? Note: input volume, Drive and EQ are set fairly high.

I know with high volume/drive/EQ settings the OP-1 input can be a little noisy/hissy (at least mine is…), but I’m able to hear sound from the microphone by either rubbing my finger over it, or even twisting the encoders when monitoring the input of an external source (like a Pocket Operator, for example) through headphones. The mic sound isn’t nearly as loud as when nothing is plugged into the audio input, but my understanding is that when something is plugged into the input the microphone should be completely disabled.

In short, there seems to be some microphone bleed-through at higher volumes when listening to the input. Is this normal?

Thank you!