Heavy Waits - A Tom Waits samplefest


its a good jam ! good use of samples, real fun !
i like the build ups and glitches. great use of tension and release in the rhythm. base is good. master recording needs a little bit more punch though.


ace stuff!

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Yeah, I didn’t do any processing at all.
I might do a bit of a mastering job on all my KO jams and put them together as an album on Spotify. I love the overall vibe of the KO, how it seems to make everything so phat.
Cheers for the feedback.

Wow ! Do you mind to share your samples ?

Sure thing
Here’s the backup


Nice track!

I am curious, if you hadn’t already stated it, whether I would have identified the samples as being Tom Waits. I think I might have :slight_smile:

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awesome! the first thing i did when i got my first sampler was sample tom waits! love the way you split the swordfish trombones sample on the beats


“the po-33 has been drinking, not me…”

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