Hello all! I'm hoping for a little help with my MIDI implementation with Digitakt

I’ve searched the forum but not seen a scenario similar to mine.
I have had the OP-1 for about a year, and I love it, but have never used it in coordination with other devices, except syncing with Pocket Operators a few times.
I recently bought a Digitakt, and though I originally intended to just sync the clocks, I am more fascinated now with actually sequencing the OP-1 with the DT…
The instructions seem clear.
Set MIDI channel on OP-1
Set MIDI channel on DT, connect via MIDI (Kenton host)

I am able to play (Track 9/A) in chromatic mode of the DT, with the audio of the OP-1 outputting, but when I record (Track 9/A) into a sequence, no note is being played by the OP-1. It’s as if I recorded nothing onto the step, when a step is indicated as having been recorded to.

Now, its very possible I wiggled too many settings while fidgeting with this obviously. Is there something in the DT or OP-1 default settings that I have undone? When I watch the Cukoo DT Mega Tutorial, I can follow along, right up until the point where he writes notes into the sequence, and they are sequenced.

DT MIDI out going to the Kenton host MIDI IN
OP-1 USB cord plugged into the Kenton host.
OP-1 sync set to EXT sync
DT output to MIDI
DT output CH is TRK CH
DT Track A/9 Channel = 2

Everything else (CC, Auto Channel, Prog Channel) is a mystery to me, and I’m hoping I don’t have to initialize either of the units to get some setting back to normal, or, where I need it.

Thanks in advance for any help! I’m hoping everyone understands the struggle :slight_smile: haha

I wrote integration over MIDI into both the Synthdawg OP-1 and also the Digitakt notebooks. If your still struggling i can try to help. Let me know if you got sorted?