Hello all! Question about OP-Z

What’s up peeps?! First day with the OP-Z and I’m digging it but there is one thing that I’m wondering if I’m missing somewhere.
I understand we get 8tracks of drums, samples, synths etc. what If i don’t want a kick or snare and I just want to copy one of my synth tracks to a kick track. Is this possible. I’d love to be able to just have 8 synth tracks sometimes. I doubt this is possible but I just want to be sure. I know on the Op-1 you can just change stuff around.
Look forward to hear what you guys do with this. After watching Cuckoos video a couple times I’ve learned so much about this little powerhouse. Great job TE!

Been using mine for a week or so… I’m pretty sure tracks 1-4 are samples-only and tracks 5-8 are synths.

I’ll say that tracks 5-8 have access to the same synth engines, but each one has a littl nuance (like the Arp, or the CH track that allows more polyphony).