hello from a newbie with a case tip.

Got my little machine a few months ago and as much as I adore and now wouldn’t be without it, I do find that TE takes the piss whn it comes to their insane prices. £15 for an Ariel when you can buy the same thing for £1.50 via amazon etc. Anyhoo, I wasn’t going to lash out over fifty pounds for a case and after using a Pet Sounds Sessions cd boxset for a while I came across this beauty from GO Outdoors camping store. Its designed for fishing hooks (I think). A short conversion job and ten pounds is all you need. Its friggin perfect! Nice to be in the club Jim x

This is also a recent purchase (from PMT) and that thing kicks out the jams!

wow, nice find.

there’s been a lot of DIY cases on the forum from folk who have found CD cases. I found a microphone case that fits well.
But this has to be the winner!


Cheers! Yeah, it works a treat. Nice think stitching and strong zipper, and presumably waterproof.