Help! Any ideas

This happens when i turn op 1 on i have tried da tory reset and it carries on it happened when i was testing features and then i accidentally skipped a step and this happened i am extremely worried

try reloading the firmware?
try formatting the drive?

I know it’s a stupid question, but did u try on/off. Cause it happens all time (don’t freak), and could be done just doing that.
Some pack u choose is wrongly named

This happened to me yesterday. The unit is new ordered directly from TE and I just started using it Christmas. It completely froze on me. I’ve not loaded anything on it, no patches or anything. It came loaded with the latest update. It had the weird scribble like the picture above. I turned it off, let it sit a couple hours and turned if back on and everything is ok. Makes me very nervous and now I’m scared to load patches on it. Any idea’s why that would happen?