HELP, CONSTANT echo/delay for EVERY sound

hi guys

everything was fine
then all of a sudden
every sound has a constant echo and delay

even drum sounds
even with the LFO and FX turned off
even when i play the tape

has anyone ever seen this

here’s a quick video demonstrating the issue


i did a factory reset and that seem to handle the issue
but i’m still concerned and wondering if anyone has seen this behavior


Have you checked the master EFX?

certainly sounds like you had left the master effects on. When i first got my op1 i did this all the time. I would forget I changed the EQ or gain or effects and just continue making a song…

ahh man!

i didn’t even know the master had an efx option

well, apologies for the false alarm and thx for setting me straaaiggghtt


Thanks for this.

where can i find the master settings?

@lisafrank hit mixer and then 3

thanks @Overseas_Territory!