Help getting help

After buying a PO-20 for the chiptune sound nostagia, I found it so much fun and simple to use that I bought a korg monotron delay and a volca sample.

I have a zillion question buzzing but I realise that this is probably not the best forum for non teenage engineering stuff.

Can you point me towards a forum about electronic music devices in general?

Try I would however recommend that instead of asking how to do this and how to do that to try finding the answer yourself. Trial and error is the best way to learn IMHO. Usually there’s plenty of documentation (manuals, videos, etc) already around. It also helps to look for generic ways of how to do things and then try to come up with a way to translate that to your specific set of available functionality.

Meh. Ask away. This forum is very helpful. And assuming it stays contained to the thread you start no one’s gonna care. No crazy moderators or anything. Several of the most common recurring threads in this forum have nothing to do with the op1 or anything teenage related.

Op1 people have an eye for good instrument design and unique workflow. Of which the volca sample and monotron delay both have in abundance. I love the volca sample but I wish it had a built in mic…

As per other forum options.
Reddit is great.
Muffwigglers is great.
Lots of forums are moving to facebook aswell.

So to sum up feel free to start another thread with a more specific question. You never know what this forum will embrace but we are an interesting bunch and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of great responses.

Don’t forget YouTube.