[HELP] Latency/lag while trying to record!

Hello, I recently bought an op-1 from the Teenage Engineering website and i’m 3 days in with the product and I’m experiencing a few issues. The main issue is with lag while i’m trying to record! I only have about 1 min of recording on the tape recorder and when starting a new segment and hit record and play a chord I start experiencing lag in the screen and distortion in my sound. Has anybody else had this issue? If anybody can get back to me that would be great. Thank you

try a factory reset maybe?

Thanks! Factory reset seems to have worked for now. I still feel skeptical about it because I question if this will happen again. Do you have any suggestions to prevent something like this from happening?

factory reset cleans up lots of random issues.
theres no harm.
i do a factory reset every so often just to keep things tidy and running smooth
and its worked well for me

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