HELP NEEDED Wrist mounted/wearable P.O (Robot etc) ideas

Hi I’ve had an idea for a custom mod as mentioned in the title.

Canot someone who knows electronics/wiring please contact me so I can explain my ideas for it to them as far as I know my ideas are totally doable in some way?

Basics of my idea is that you would need 2 of these for it to be usable or somehow make controls go to both hands? You would control 4 notes per hand and use a thumb for glide and a thumb for play,
For the pots/knobs you would twist your wrist and depending on if using one or two p.o’s each wrist would control one pot or turning one way would turn one up and turning other way would turn it down and turn the other up. As for other features include didnt think that far yet.
I hope that makes sense.

Sounds like you need to hop on the DIY train. its easy. like legos for adults.

im not entirely sure how you would map movements of the hand to PO triggers/pot movements. i guess accelerometers on every finger/wrist for movement. and some of those fabric triggers(regular switch would work fine too) on the tips of each finger. all that info fed into a arduino/raspi or something similar. that then communicates with the PO(which has no good means for integration other than removing/replacing the pots and switches. its doable. WOuld prolly cost a fortune to have someone do it for you.

I was thinking a more basic way with some kind of buttons/switches on fingers that are in the tips or work when you bend your fingers dunno how would be best to do the wrist movement though. I also don’t know about electronics is why I’m looking for help.