Help: Op-1 crashing while using polyplayground

I have been using the polyplayground app via IPad to control my op-1 and it has been crashing every time. Multitouch and zoom functions have been turned off on the iPad as per mike gao’s instructions. I have run it without being connected to the iPad for many hours with no issues. I cannot find a certain behavior or setup that triggers the crash specifically other than just being connected to polyplayground in standard op-1 midi mode via Apple camera connect usb3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m loving the ability to play the op-1 from my pad.
Setup: op-1, os# 242, iPad OS 10.3.3 model MD510LL/A, apple camera connect usb3, TE supplied USB cable.
Already factory reset, formatted the drive and rebooted the os.
I have taken a picture of the crash report.

try a factory reset on your OP maybe?
sometimes that cleans things up & fixes issues.

based off the error message maybe has something to do with midi notes?
too many? or maybe receiving a note out of range or something? :man_shrugging:

Oh yes I meant to state that I have done a disk format, factory reset and reinstalled the OS. Also it seems to crash just as much when sending multiple notes as it done when sending just one. I will test for range of notes affecting it now as I had not thought of that.:bulb:

Playing the highest (c8)and lowest (c1) notes in polyplayground did not directly crash the op-1 when played simultaneously or individually. It did however crash again within 5 minutes of playing the digital synth. Error code a bit different. Not all of it is on screen.

looks to be the same error message even tho it only partially displayed
what is shown seems to match up with the first one

maybe your app is sending some weird midi messages that u aren’t aware of or something
u could try connecting it to a midi monitor of some kind and see exactly what it is sending.

when i said out of range, i meant like maybe it is sending an invalid midi note like -1 or 128 or something like that. kinda seems like thats what the error message might be trying to say.

have u tried using different midi apps // devices to send midi to your op1 and see how that goes?

I set up my iPad with polyplayground to a monitoring program on my computer and it did not find any irregular notes. Also Mike GAO (developer) got back to me regarding his use with polyplayground and he has use it with the op-1 with no issues and does not seem to know why it might be freezing. Yet to hear back from TE support.:envelope_with_arrow::hourglass_flowing_sand:
I have now used it also with Animoog for some time with no crash, and I have sent midi to the op-1 via elektron octatrack and DSI Tempest for years with no trouble, So it seems to be the polyplayground app.
I have seen reference to the polyplayground app on this forum. Has anyone else who is active used this app sucessfully with the op-1?

Ok, well there does not seem to be any op-1 users controlling thier devise with polyplayground currently on this site, and I keep crashing my op-1 with it… any ideas for a different iPad controller for the op-1? I’m looking for something that is fun to play as keys not just anoth sequencer as I love the op-1’s sequencers and don’t mind utilizing the built in keys for that, I just hate playing the op-1’s keyboard when jamming/soloing/writing melodies. I know there are a lot of iPad sequencers but I have found few keyboards. Any advise?