Help out this fellow musician/artist/father

Feels out of place posting this but desperate times/desperate measures etc.

A friend very recently got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he and his family are struggling to find the funds for the treatment he needs. He’s a great guy, loving father, super talented artist (recently beginning to get some good recognition) and musician (you possibly heard of his band Delays. Video link below). Check out his situation at the link below, dig out his music and art and please drop any loose change you can or share the link if you’d like to help him and his family out. Thanks for reading.

Artwork -

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve sent a small donation.

Thanks for sharing this. I've sent a small donation.
Big thanks for taking the time to look and for the kindness in donating. I know they'll appreciate every penny. Incredible to see the amount that people have donated today. Hopefully all those good vibes + the treatment will be successful. Thanks again.

Thanks as well for sharing this, we all need to pull together for people at times like this. Also sent a small donation. Wishing all the best to your friend and his family.

Will make a small donation in the morning. As a parent of 2 young kids myself this is heartbreaking. Love and best wishes to your mate.

@wolflegjon @ghostly606 Thanks a lot for having a look and donating! Really kind of you. The appeal is doing great so far :slight_smile: People/Internet possibly not so bad afterall :slight_smile: I’m sure Greg and family have been blown away by all the good will and generosity :slight_smile: Thanks again!

This story is very sad.

As a French, I do believe ensuring Social Security for everyone should be one of the first goals of a State.
If as humans we really value human life above anything, I can't believe that in our time you'd still be saved only if you have subscribed to the right greedy private funds.

It's nice to see charity still exists.
I'd love to see this world scale.

Sent a donation, as well. Please convey to your friend that the OP-1 community are wishing for his recovery.

This is such sad news. I’m going to donate.

I know Delays music well - I think my brother may know the singer too.
My brother is at a uk music magazine. I’m going to share the link with him too - maybe they can get the story out on their social media.

Gregs paintings are beautiful!

Great humans on this forum :slight_smile: Massive thanks!

@LyingDalai yeah a lot of unbalanced priorities and systems out there… Maybe our kids generation’ll manage to fix things a little. If Trump and Co haven’t turned Earth in to a nuclear fallout drive-thru by then :confused:

@skotchi Thanks! I’ll send Greg a link to this page, I know his spirits are lifted with every message he’s receiving so it’s cool to add these to that pile :slight_smile:

@spacetravelmadeeasy yeah great artist :slight_smile: his biro works also blow me away. That’s great about possible word-spreading from your brothers magazine. Nice one :slight_smile: A lot of press have picked up on it last couple of days, target is looking realistic :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone.

Will donate tonight after work. Many positive vibrations your way in the mean time…much love

- mike

Target met! :slight_smile: Humans ain’t all bad huh.

Target met! :) Humans ain't all bad huh.

:slight_smile: Yep, amazing response from people! Been really heartwarming to watch this happen. And so quickly. Greg’s posted a message which sends big love and thanks to everyone. I can’t seem to copy/paste the text from FB (FB ploy wanting people to hit the site as normal ;/) but it also touches on his wishes that others in the same situation could receive the same treatment and he feels blessed for having such a wide circle of friends and devoted band fan base etc which has probably helped his appeal more then most. I’ll def be paying much more attention to these kind of individual campaigns in future and to what can be done to strengthen the NHS generally.
But yeah, nice one people :slight_smile: