Help refurbishing a beat-up PO-400

I have obtained a PO-400 in bad shape and I am trying to resuscitate it. Its frame was badly bent (and is falling apart with broken tabs from metal fatigue), it is missing one of its knobs, and its filter module is wonky.

  • Does anyone know if TE provides replacement parts, such as frames or knobs (or filter modules?)

  • The filter module behaves strangely: it opens very slowly. So let’s say you hook its filter cutoff control to a square wave LFO. When the LFO goes high, the filter cutoff rises, but then S L O W L Y (over the course of several seconds) rises still further. This is not normal behavior for a filter, correct?

write to support, they sell individual modules.

I asked about upgrading my power module and they sent me how much it’d cost, it’s definitely doable.