Help syncing OP-1 with PO

Hello… I’m new to the OP1 , trying to sync my PO32 . Connecting with a good lead , on the op1 tempo menu I sync to pocket operator , selecting Sy4 on the PO , play the PO and the op-1 and all I get is a pulse / metronome sound through one channel. The PO32 is not feeding out to the OP-1 …
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?
It’s driving me nuts ! Thanks for any help …

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might be wrong but sorta sounds like u may have the PO feeding into the OP1?
if so, u want it the other way around. the OP1 feeding into the PO.

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Thanks !


Before creating a new thread, I thought I’d confirm here what I’m afraid of.

I just got my hands on a PO35. I freaking love this thing.
I want to record it, in sync, into the op1f.
And, from what I gathered, it is just not possible. Or am I missing something?

I’ma able to record the line-out of the PO35 into the op1f. But I can’t figure out a way to sync them both AND record the PO35 pattern into the op1f tape.

If anyone can confirm…thanks

Unless I’m misunderstanding, this should be totally possible.

  • Connect the OP-1’s output to the PO-35’s input
  • Connect the PO-35’s output to the OP-1’s input


  • Go to the OP-1’s tempo menu and change the Link from Beat Match to PO SYNC
  • Set the Pocket Operator to SY2 and hit play (so it’s waiting for the sync signal)
  • Change the OP-1’s input to line, arm the tape, and you’re good to go

Hope that helps!

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Sounds about right, that’s what I tried (as a matter of fact, tried SY2 and SY4).
I used TE’s 3.5 stereo aux cables.

But on SY2/POsync, I end up with a loud metronomish sound all over.
And on SY4/POsync, I get some phasing effect and/or weird noises.
I ended up, for the time being, doing this the hard way : SY0/BeatMatch. But it’s not ideal to say the least.
Oh. And the worst part of it is that I can’t monitor anything while recording that way since both outputs are busy.

And on another note, thanks for the quick answer. Means a lot!

i think u need a splitter
u gotta split the op1 output so u can separate the sync (tip) and the audio (ring)

sync goes to PO, audio out goes to whatever u are outputting to

then u shouldn’t get any feedback loop or anything like that

u could also get more complicated and sync the two devices some other way
that would eliminate the need to use the op1 as the sync source

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I think it’s time too.
Weirdest part is that I’ve been making as a pro musician for the past 20 years……and never had one.
So here we go.
You still learn and use something new every once in a while!