Help...tape is jittery

Hi guys. I was making music yesterday and after I recorded some tracks on the tape and played a synth over the tracks the tape started to jitter a bit… I thought the battery was flat so fully charged it but still has this problem. Anyone else come across this before?

explain what you're seeing when you say "tape started to jitter a bit"?

sounds like MIDI sync? it does that as the tape is absolute, but the marks above it aren't.

Like it plays moothly. As soon as I play the keys it stutters…the wheels of the tape and the sound itself. Its quite suttle. Almost like the cpu overloading. Never happened before.

some synths on the op1 do lower the refresh rate, yes, it gets a little choppy but i don’t think it affects the end result/sound - it would be neat if you could reproduce the sound stuttering and video it. possible?

A video would be most helpful, so we could see exactly what you mean.

Hey sorry guys been busy at work…It was the d synth. When I changed to something else the problem went away…

String does that too, but this is the first time i’ve heard that the sound quality suffers.

I’ve had terrible stutters when my battery gets low, but even though the monitoring to tape sounded like shit, the tape recorder clean.