Help Understanding Melodic Sample Slots/Storage

Hey everyone. Had the OPZ for a while now, and love it dearly, but have been running into some snags as I’ve started using more of my own samples. I think I have things pretty well figured out wrt drum samples. However, with melodic (synth) samples, I’m confused about having multiple samples available for use.

So I can hold a button (1 - 0) to create a new sample slot. So say I do this on slot 0 on the chord track. Then I can record a sample in that location. If I want to make a new sample on a different slot, do I have to do the same for a different number, and overwrite an internal synth engine? Can I have multiple samples stored under the 0 designation?

With the internal synth engines, you press a number (1-0) to select the synth engine, and then one of the white keys to select what I think of as a preset slot within that engine. It would be cool if 0 could be the sample engine, and then the white keys could each hold their own sample as part of their “preset.” Is this possible? I seem to only be able to get one sample to use under multiple “preset” slots.

Sorry if this is obvious. Tried searching and reading the manual and couldn’t really find a clear answer. Thanks for your time!

Yeah, a sample takes up as much space as an entire synth engine…

Its actually possible with some heavy MIDI remapping.

Ch8 to Ch 4
Note value to CC1
Note value to C4* (or any note number where your sample is stored)*

This remapping will let you play channel 8 but triggering sample from channel 4. Note position will also control the pitch of the sample.