HELP: What Happened to Redmount Sample Packs?

So back when I first got the OP-Z and opened the IOS app with it. I noticed there were some additional sample packs available via the app that were not installed on the unit by default. One of which were the Redmount packs (kick, snare, sample, FX). A cool pack and what-not. A while back I noticed that it disappeared from my unit and also disappeared from the app as well. When I do into the device itself, it still have the “~redmountKicks.aif” file, but I’m guessing the source file itself is gone because that sound plug is blank within the unit.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, it was kind of annoying, but there are plenty of other samples; however, I realized that a couple of my songs that I was working on relied on those samples in a kind of significant way. I’m not sure how to get them back.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know how to fix it?

A Github post from Cengis K. reveals that you can create zero bytes file with the names ~redKicks.aif, ~redSnares.aif, ~redPerc.aif and ~redFX.aif in single samplepack slots per track. I have 1.2.8 and they have appeared for me.


Awesome, that seems to have brought them back. That’s really weird that they would change the file name like that.

The app also dose not acknowledge the sample pack and just says “sync” on the config page if I have that plug selected.

Still, I got the sounds and they seem to be working correctly, thanks.

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For reference:

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Very interesting, I’m not even sure if I’ve heard the “Alain” sample packs. Kind of weird that these packs are in the OP-Z, but don’t show up on the app. Thanks for sharing the link.

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I get that sync if a track without pattern is selected. Select a track with a pattern and it will show whats loaded on a plug slot.
Glad it’s working and there’s some nice extra sounds to use.

Weird, I still get the “sync” message (on the config page) even when I have a pattern loaded with any of the redmount pack. Everything else works as is. Also on the main OP-Z page, all the redmount packs are listed as “user.”