Help! White noise from line out

Hi there,
Experiencing white noise whit headphones, when running the OP-1 on batteries, on a recently bought second hand unit. A lot of threads mention the USB cables, but it’s not that.
I hope that’s not the DSP shit chip.
Tried a factory reset, did nothing at all ! Running 225. Could reverting back to 218 or 220 would be of help ? I can’t find the OS file.
I have ordered aground loop isolator, when using higher impedance headphones, there is less noise but still… will i have to live with this ?
Thanks for your help

EDIT : so it was caused by my cheap headphones - with a more decent model i didn’t notice any noise. Thanks all !

What’s your Drive setting in the Master section?
High settings can raise the noise floor loads, that can sound alarming through head phones, but in the field isn’t as bad as perceived once music is on top.
Master effects too, adds noise (Nitro & Spring).
Maybe it’s this?

Thanks for your answer.
No, same with drive set to 0, no effect on master or on instruments. It seems that there is a terrible gain boost !

I have another Op1(bought new a month ago, with the peace sign) and there is no noise at all, but the volume is way lower with the same setting. The other unit is running 220.

So I guess there are either difference with firmware (maybe the 225 running on old TE hardware) or either that’s a hardware problem - which I fear much :disappointed:

what about EQ settings? or output level setting?

Nope all normal.
Looks like I will have to live with this. I sent a support ticket to TE support.