Help with Android/OP1

I was happy to find out that an inexpensive Usb otg cable could solve my problem (no computer atm) of exporting album aifs and importing drumkits samples. When i first hooked it up, the phone quickly recognized a Teenage USB device and the folders inside. At last i could name/store samples, manage files and free up space to make new stuff on the Op1. But the next time the phone couldnt see the device. Maybe it is an android problem, or an ES File Explorer issue. lt worked before…

What happened? Do i need to have charging disabled on OP1?
And this is just for file storage, no sync or MIDI needed

Im just wondering if i really need the Kenton or the iconnect for this alone, since the phone recognized it ?

You are in Disk mode, correct?

Yes. The phone is reading a usb otg device but it cant open it. Ordinarily i would just shrug & move on, but ive seen it work. Op1, via a USB OTG cable showed up as Teenage USB on my phone.