Help with audio output

I’m having trouble figuring out the audio outputs. I have an OP-1F plugged into my Macbook Air with USB and the 3.5 audio out going to a mixer. The USB is putting audio out to the Macbook for recording. Most of the time, I’m getting no sound from the 3.5 output. I can get sound if I unplug the USB and make sure that the 3.5 cable is plugged in first, then plug in the USB. I get audio through the mixer and the output signal is also still being sent to the Mac. If for some reason the USB is plugged in first or they’re both plugged in when the device is turned on, I only get output through the USB. When I unplug the 3.5 cable I get audio through the internal speaker of the OP-1F. Shift Com shows a cable plugged into the USB and that’s it. Is there a way to make the audio signal come out of the 3.5 without doing the cable swapping dance?