Help with drum kit?

Having my OP1 for a few days now, and with no synth experience I’m a bit slow to get up and running. I DLed the House Drum Kit, installed OK I think, but I’m wondering why it sounds good on my computer, but on the OP1 the kicks in particular sound wrong - more like congas :slight_smile: The waveform looks like it does in the tutorial, so what is the difference?

I’ve read the user and quickstart guides and some youtube vids and am finding the OP1 to be hard to figure out, so any pointers to absolute beginner useable information would be great!


Have you tried headphone ? Because the internal speaker is very limited

Turn off effect and LFO on pages 3 & 4. Check Env on page 2 is a flat line, then check your pitch of your drum on page 1 - Blue.

+1 for headphones or anything other than the the internals speaker. Given the awesome sound you get out of the PO speakers, the OP1 one is appalling…