Helsinki meeting?

@vehka & @OP1kenopi are you up for another meeting/jam on August 2nd perhaps?


@instantjuggler - great idea!

Sorry, I know I’ve been lousy with taking part – but if you could keep me in the loop? Depending on the actual schedule, I’d love to come say hi if it’s okay!

Yeah, Aug 2nd should work! We could meet in a park if the weather’s ok? I was jamming with a friend last weekend in Lenininpuisto, how 'bout that one? But let’s make it a bit later in the afternoon, I’m going to a wedding party on the 1st which I suspect will continue into the early hours…

@OP1kenopi does not live in Helsinki anymore, so I suppose he’s not coming… How 'bout @xjx, are you in town? Any others?

Ahhhhhhh. I’m away to do music related stuff right now at a summer place – I thought I’d be back on Sunday, but seems like I’ll be here until Wednesday. So even though I’m on vacation, Aug 2nd won’t work for me. :frowning: But you guys have a great session, we can probably squeeze in one more before it gets cold :slight_smile:

I’ve been offline for the week… going from Järvenpää to Helsinki to Tampere tomorrow. Going to try like hell to make it to Lenininpuisto tomorrow!!!